About Me

Hi there, I am a self-taught Front End Web Developer with a passion for learning new things. I have a Computer Science Degree, I found the passion for Front End Web Developer long time ago and fell deeply in love with it ever since. Based in Stgo, Dominican Republic, now I’m busy making beautiful User Interfaces, bringing good code quality and making better team work.

With over 7 years of experience in the web industry. I am qualified in evaluating business requirements and outreach plans for current and future success. I’m Front-End Web Developer with an emphasis on scalability, robustness and high availability. I’ve been working with WordPress since January 2010 with version 2.9. I have worked in all versions since. In December 2014 I started my first steps in Magento Development with version 1.9.

I have worked with different brands, different needs and different roles, like to work with different aspects of the Front End.

Front End Development Experience

I specialize in the visual appearance of the websites or rather in their design, taking into account the technical requirements, functionality and user considerations, besides working with the back-end in the creation of modules / plugins in Magento and WordPress. As a Front-End developer, I have a great understanding of what it means, to provide high availability of Web applications and user experience.